Strawberry Varieties–Oh, the Possibilities

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One of the biggest questions for gardeners is what varieties of strawberries grow in their area. While the list is vast and might seem complex, here is a list of strawberries that should grow in most areas. For a more detailed list that is specific to your area, you should always visit your local garden center and nursery.

Strawberry Varieties–Oh, the Possibilities

Early Season Strawberry Varieties

  • Veestar-This is a variety from Canada that is very popular. It is considered to be very productive, but the size of the fruit is smaller after the initial picking. The fruit has good flavor, but is soft.

  • Earliglow-This is perhaps one of the best tasting strawberries. The fruit that is produced is firm and has an excellent color and flavor.

  • Sable-This strawberry variety is a newer one. The fruit is soft, but the flavor is good. The size of the fruit may vary.

  • Mowhawk-This strawberry ripens very early and the fruit that is produced is of high quality. The flavor is considered to be good.

  • Northeaster-The fruit in this strawberry variety is large and firm. The flavor is strong and not everyone may like it.

Early Mid Season Strawberry Varieties

  • AnnapolisThe fruit is large and is considered to have a good color and flavor. However, the fruit can be on the softer side.

  • Honeoye-A very popular variety of strawberry, as it produces high yields of firm, large, attractive strawberries. Some people may find the taste to be too tart.

  • BrunswickThis is a newer variety of strawberry. The yield is similar to that of the Honeoye. The fruit tends to have a squatty round shape and has a tendency to bruise easily and be dark. The flavor is considered to be good, although tart when not fully ripened.

  • Cornwallis-This variety produces a good yield of fruit. The strawberries are medium sized and have a good color and flavor.

  • Cavendish-The fruit in this variety of strawberry is large and firm with a good flavor. The plant produces high yields during a good year.

  • Mira-This strawberry variety produces fruit which is large and light red in color. The quality is considered to be good.

  • L’Amour (NY1829)-This was a new variety in 2004. The berries are attractive, bright red, and firm. The quality and flavor are considered to be excellent.

  • Darselect-The flavor of this strawberry is considered to be very good. The berries are uniform and attractive, with a bright red color and a shape that is long and conical. The berries may be slightly soft, but large and high yields should be expected.

  • KentA medium to large berry that has very good flavor. The yields are considered to be excellent, but will decline after a year or two.

Late Mid Season Strawberry Varieties

  • Allstar-The color of this strawberry is a pale red to a slight orange color. The berries are large and possess a mild and sweet flavor.

  • Jewel-A popular berry with large fruit that is glossy and attractive. The texture is firm and the flavor is good.

  • WinonaThe berries are large and firm with an average yield. The fruit is considered to not be as attractive as the Jewel variety.

  • Seneca-The fruit is bright red in color and considered to be large and attractive. However, the flavor is mild and is only considered to be acceptable.

  • Mesabi-This variety produces yields which are high. The berries are medium to large and have a good flavor. However, this berry does not store well.

  • Mic Mac-This variety produces a good yield of fruit. The fruit is light red in color, large and firm.

  • Sparkle-The fruit in this strawberry variety is dark red in color and slightly soft. The flavor is excellent.

Late Season Strawberry Varieties

  • Clancy (NYUS304B)-This is a newer release. The fruit is a round and conical shape and is a dark red color. The flavor is considered to be good.

  • Cabot-The strawberries are large and pale. The yields are average to high.

  • Lateglow-The strawberries are medium to large in size. The fruit is bright red and is firm with a good flavor.

Day Neutral Strawberry Varieties

  • Tribute-This is one of the standard day neutral varieties. The fruit is small with a lower yield.

  • Tristar-This is another standard day neutral variety. The fruit is small with a low yield, but the flavor is good.

  • Seascape-This variety bears a large fruit and is very attractive. It is firm and has a good flavor.

  • Everest-This variety is fairly new. The berries are large, firm and a bright red color.

How many of these varieties have you heard of before or grown in your garden? Which are your favorites? Any other varieties that I didn’t mention but you love?