Indoor Greenhouse Gardens

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Usually, when someone loves to garden, it means that he or she will need some land in order to grow things. However, everyone doesn’t have that option. When people live in apartments or other small spaces, they need alternatives to outside land.

Indoor Greenhouse Gardens

Indoor Greenhouse

One of these options is that of doing some indoor gardening or using a balcony or patio as an indoor greenhouse. These greenhouses are smaller cousins of the large commercial ones you see in backyards and at nurseries. They use the same basic principles as all greenhouses with the difference being that they’re small enough to set on a counter.

A very important factor in all greenhouses no matter what the size is humidity. This is needed to start seedlings growing and making it into maturity. All you need is a clear, removable cover that will keep in the moisture and keep it from evaporating. The seedlings need this humid environment to be kept moist all the time. It’s important because if a seed gets totally dry once it’s begun to grow, it will die.

Generally, an indoor greenhouse will have plenty of pockets in the base to plant each seed. Put your preferred soil into these pockets or fill them with peat pellets that will expand when they’re watered. Usually, 2 to 3 seeds are placed into each of the pockets. Once they start to grow, weed out all of the weakest ones and leave the strongest. Some indoor greenhouses have a duct system under the pockets that will evenly distribute the water.

This eliminates the need to add water to each individual pocket. When the seedlings have grown to several inches high, you can remove the clear cover to prepare them for going outdoors. If you live in an apartment, you’ll probably be putting them in a pot or trough on your balcony or patio. Indoor greenhouses prosper when put close to a windowsill or other outside light source. They can even be put outside when it’s warm.

Everyone should be able to grow fruits, flowers, herbs or vegetables and they can if they have an indoor greenhouse. They’re inexpensive and able to produce plants faster than by just using a pot. The end result is well worth the effort.