How Many Bell Peppers Per Plant ?

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How Many Bell Peppers Per Plant?

Bell Peppers are among the largest fruits of all varieties of peppers. Pepper plants with larger fruits will produce fewer individual fruits. For example, jalapenos and habanero peppers yield 30-100 berries per plant depending on the size of the plant.

How Many Bell Peppers Per Plant ?

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Standard Bell Pepper

A standard size bell pepper fruit is approximately three by four inches in size but will vary between fruits and plants. Examples of standard size bells include:

  • California Wonder
  • Gold Standard Yellow
  • Yankee Bell

How Many Bell Peppers Per Plant ?

The number of fruits each plant produces is highly dependent on the conditions of the plant. Plants exposed to stress from temperature, inconsistent watering, pest damage, or disease will not produce as many peppers. On average, standard bells produce 6-8 peppers per plant.

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Miniature Bells

Bell peppers of every color are available in medium and miniature versions. These sweet and crispy baby bells are as tasty and nutritious as their bigger siblings. Since they are miniature plants, each plant produces more fruit.

Medium-sized peppers have fruits that are about three by three inches in size. The size reflects the number of fruits produced, so medium-sized peppers can grow between 10 and 15 fruits.

Miniature bell pepper fruits are about two by two inches in size. These are bite-sized bells. Plants can be very productive and pump out dozens of small fruits.

Encouraging More Production

Healthy plants grow many healthy fruits. Encourage your plants to produce more by keeping them healthy. Two key factors in growing healthy peppers are water and temperature. Water resistant and frequent, drip irrigation on a timer is the best option.

Give pepper plants two inches of water a week and adjust the natural rainfall. Do not let the floor dry out completely, but do not keep it wet. Moisture is what you want to achieve.

Keep pepper plants between 18 and 26 ° C for best results. If your climate does not allow this type of reliability, you should grow peppers in a greenhouse or poly tunnel.

Sometimes pepper plants do not produce the expected amount of fruit. Investigate and find a solution to this problem. Many gardeners find that hand pollination of their peppers can significantly improve yield.

Pepper flowers are usually self-pollinating, but occasionally a slight push from the wind or an insect is required to push the pollen from the stamen to the pistil. Indoor plants are particularly susceptible to low pollination.

Examine your plants for signs of yellowing, leaf curl, slow or stopped growth, falling flowers, but no fruits or withers. These are signs of stress, deficiency or illness.

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