Edible Gardening Tips

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Edible Gardening Tips

Slice your apples crosswise to evaluate pollination. There are five seed pockets with a potential of two seeds in each. If there are 8-10 fully developed seeds you are in good shape. If less, then the apple is not all it could be and you need to work on better pollination. Either you need more bees or a pollenizer variety.

Edible Gardening Tips

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When growing sweet peas from seed, two-thirds fill pot with compost and water well, top up with dry compost and plant seed at about 1/2 inch beneath surface of compost. This way the seed with draw up as much water as required and will not rot away.

Getting Rid Of The Bitterness In Cucumbers – With a harvested cucumber, slice of one end. Rub the cut end against the cucumber in a circular motion gently squeezing the cucumber until white milk comes out of the skin around the cut edge. Cut another ¼ inch off the end of the cucumber and discard. Repeat this on the other end, then peal the cucumber and use as you would normally would. This will take the cucumbers bitterness out and leave the cucumber tasting succulent and fresh.

To Peel Tomatoes – Cover tomatoes with boiling water for 10 seconds, and then immerse the tomatoes directly into ice water until cooled. Remove the tomatoes and drain the excess water. Using a serrated knife, the skin should simply peel off.

Setting Out Tomatoes and What To Look For – When buying a tomato plant from a nursery, the best ideal plants to get would be; 4 inch pots with stocky plants, about 6-8 weeks old, with no flowers or fruit showing. If plants are 10-12 weeks old and flowers or fruits are already being produced on the plant, the plants growth will be stunted and the yield of fruit will be small. Tomatoes will also require a minimum of 6 full hours of sunlight, so make certain you place them in the sunniest part of your garden as they thrive with lots of sunlight.

Storing Green Tomatoes To Ripen To Red – Harvest tomatoes free of blemishes and wash and dry them. Place in a box with 4 ripe apples. Keep in a cool place with a temperature of 50-60 degrees. The Ethylene gas produced will help ripen the fruit.

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